046 Dean Stansel and the Economic Freedom of North America

Paul and Dowd have a lively discussion with Dean Stansel. Dean is a research associate professor at the O’Neil Center for Global Markets and Freedom at Southern Methodist University. He is the is primary author of the Economic Freedom of North America 2018.

This annual report provides an economic freedom index for states and provinces in North America. Hear how New Mexico fares in the report compared to our neighboring states, what are the best opportunities for improvement, and what improvement in the index would it mean to New Mexico.

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2 Replies to “046 Dean Stansel and the Economic Freedom of North America”

  1. Several financial reports have shown a “capital flight” of financial dollars in banks leaving New Mexico. It basically sounds like a “bank run” on New Mexico and a third world scenario where capital flight is common. Does the Rio Grande Foundation have a credible economist on board or as a consultant? What is needed is the expertise of an economist not of a journalist.

  2. Forgive me for not reading your article completely or thoroughly but what is your definition of “most free” and “least free”? Granted some states have more rules and taxes for startups, but would that be the difference that is being addressed? Just asking.

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