Calling All Taxpayer Activists/Outraged Taxpayers!

Do you think taxes are too high in New Mexico and nationally? Do you think President Obama and our Legislature (not to mention city council and local governments) are planning to raise your taxes regardless of the negative impact those tax hikes will have on our economy? If you are concerned about higher taxes and out of control spending — and want to do something about it — the Rio Grande Foundation and National Taxpayers Union want to help. After all, the only way to stop politicians and their big-spending schemes is to arm large, angry groups of citizens with information and the latest techniques in pro-taxpayer advocacy.
If you are interested in joining hundreds of taxpayer activists from around the country for in-depth sessions on defeating tax hikes in your New Mexico community, join RGF president Paul Gessing and the experts at the National Taxpayers Union for the best taxpayer-activist training you’ll ever receive coming this June 11 through 13 in Arlington, Virginia. In an effort to generate a pro-taxpayer movement throughout New Mexico, the Rio Grande Foundation will be awarding scholarships to a few passionate and articulate wannabe taxpayer activists who are willing to attend this important conference and work to start a taxpayer movement in their community. Please contact us at: or by phone at 505-264-6090. We can only send a few people, so act now!