Not the Endorsement Mayor Marty is Looking for

If you’ve driven around town recently, you have probably seen the campaign signs for Mayor Marty that have popped up like so many weeds after a monsoon storm. The signs which tout the Mayor’s “Leadership, Vision, and Results” are mostly located in open fields and other “public property” locations. But, as I was driving downtown the other day I noticed a sign in a rather unusual place, especially for an incumbent Mayor. I saw a sign in front of a boarded up hotel, the “Silver Moon Lodge” which is just west of downtown on Central.

Certainly, a boarded up hotel would seem like poor location for an advertisement for the economic policies of the incumbent administration (I’m sure the Silver Moon Lodge would be doing just dandy if taxpayers were forced to expand the downtown convention/events center as the Mayor has previously proposed). Worse, and I didn’t notice this until I stopped to take pictures, the Mayor’s sign has been tagged. One photo of the sign and the hotel sign is below, but photos are also here and here.

Lastly, the Mayor has not filled out the Rio Grande Foundation’s candidate survey. He is the only candidate running for Mayor not to have done so.