Kudos to the Albuquerque Chamber!

In the past, we at the Rio Grande Foundation have had our share — okay, maybe even more than our share — of disagreements with the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce. After all, on a diverse range of economic issues involving limited government and taxes including: taxpayer-financed pre-kindergarten, massive government intervention in health care, restoration of the grocery tax, the RailRunner, the increased minimum wage, and more….they have come out on the wrong side.

All that being said, I am please to see that, with the lack of political support for restoration of the grocery tax, the Chamber is firmly opposing tax hikes as a mechanism for solving the current budget situation. In fact, they have a fine letter for which they are asking signatures. I am not sure how broadly they are casting their net in search of signatories, but if you are interested in signing on, send them an email here: signon@abqchamber.com

I still wish they’d realize that the Rail Runner is a huge boondoggle that will be a drain on New Mexico’s economy for decades to come, but this is a nice first step.