PRC Hearing on PNM Rate Hikes

Next Wednesday (the 21st of July), the PRC will be meeting to discuss the PNM rate hike. Here is a summary of the issue from PNM, what is causing the rate increases, and how it will impact various groups.

I have written about the potential negative impact of New Mexico’s renewable mandates. That being said, as PRC Commissioner Jason Marks points out, this particular rate increase is not directly related to New Mexico’s renewable mandates per se, so this is an issue to bring up at future rate increase hearings that the PRC will inevitably need to hold, not this one. Anyway, I plan to attend at least a portion of the meeting, but no one picked up my call to the PRC’s number: (505) 827-6941 this morning to find out more details (which I’ll post in a comment to this email).