Channel 13 Covers Our Budget-Closing Ideas

In case you missed it, on last night’s 10pm news, I sat down with the folks at Channel 13 news to discuss our budget cutting ideas. The full report is available below:

Certainly, the ideas are not popular with those who we are trying to place on the chopping block, but the only other set of proposals I’ve seen from a left-wing group called “We are New Mexico,” is not very specific and doesn’t seem to cut very much. That group’s cuts are available below:

Selling severance-tax bonds to avoid cutting state jobs. Senate Democratic Leader Michael Sanchez introduced a bill in this year’s Legislature to issue $76 million in bonds to avoid job cuts. However, the measure never made it to the Senate floor.

Closing out-of-state corporate tax loopholes. (Martinez, during the campaign, said she was opposed to legislation to plug this loophole, equating it to increasing taxes.)
Reviewing “top-heavy administrative positions” as opposed to positions necessary to provide needed services.

Reviewing all tax incentives to see which are beneficial to the state and which are not.