Discussing “Richardon’s” New Interchange on Channel 4

Personally, I think that if they are going to name the I-40/Coors Interchange near my house after Bill Richardson, they should buy “Fathead”-style pictures of Richardson, so that I can drive over the top of him and make him eat my global-warming-inducing exhaust whenever I like (after all, I want to remember the guy, right)? Nonetheless, I stuck to a narrower script about the role of politicians in society and whether having this interchange named after Richardson is appropriate or not for an interview with Channel 4.

Watch the interview below:

The naming of buildings and other projects after one’s-self is nothing new, nor is it a partisan problem. House Speaker Ben Lujan, US Sen. Pete Domenici, and Rep. Sheryl Williams Stapleton have all named government buildings after themselves even though they are still/were in office.