Those “Poor” Unionized Government Workers

To hear all the crocodile tears from Wisconsin and other states, government labor unions are the only thing standing between them and bread lines or homelessness. A recent story from Albuquerque illustrates a far different reality and illustrates the incredible privileges given to powerful government unions.

The case is specifically that of a bus driver that showed up for work drunk. In the “real” world where the rest of us live, we’d be fired for showing up drunk to most any job — even a desk job — let alone one where your job is to drive other people around town. If you’re a member of a powerful government labor union, however, you get to take a few classes and then get your job back. And, you get to go on almost 5 months of PAID leave in the meantime!!!!

I wonder what would have happened had no one noticed the guy was drunk and he went out and killed someone. Would the union have managed to get him a slap on the wrist and his job back for that too??? I love the statement by AFSCME boss Rocky Gutierrez “We believe in public safety number one.” Right.

The left is claiming that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is trying to “kill the American Dream” in Wisconsin. Last time I checked, showing up drunk for a job involved in public safety isn’t part of the “American Dream.”