Who has an ideological bias on the EIB?

I just love environmentalists. According to this article about an ongoing legal case relating to carbon emissions adopted by the Environmental Improvement Board in New Mexico, the executive director of the group “New Energy Economy,”

“contends the regulations were adopted based on scientific and economic merits and should not be repealed.” Going on, she stated, “that Martinez’s EIB has an ideological bias against the carbon pollution reduction rules and has prejudged the merits of this important public policy.” Uh, huh.

Our government watchdog, Jim Scarantino, reported repeatedly here, here, and here about the inherent conflicts of interest on Richardson’s EIB. As if that were not enough, according to our own Rob Nikolewski, at least three members of Martinez’s EIB gave more to Democrats than Republicans.

We at the Rio Grande Foundation have contended all along that the EIB regulation should be overturned and that, in the end, the EIB should be disbanded and that major decisions like a statewide carbon cap should be made by our elected officials like the Legislature and Governor directly.