After big push wind & solar contribute 0.16% of Land Office revenues

Perhaps you missed it in all of the pre-Christmas shuffle and other news, but New Mexico’s Land Office recently announced its revenues for FY 2023 and, despite Commissioner Garcia-Richard’s general skepticism of oil and gas and support for so-called “renewables,” the Land Office generated a record-breaking $2.75 billion in revenues for the year with $2.66 billion of that total coming from the oil and gas industry.

Wind and solar provided a combined $4.4 million to the Land Office or 0.16% of the total. Whatever you think of the so-called “energy transition,” New Mexico is going to be MUCH poorer IF it happens.

We gave her a hard time about her to-say-the-least “aspirational” logo (below) a few years back.

NM State Land Office | Commissioner Stephanie Garcia Richard