A final recap of New Mexico’s 2019 Legislative session

We’ve already written in this space that the 2019 legislative session was the worst we’ve witnessed. Gov. Lujan-Grisham didn’t alter the session’s trajectory by vetoing any of the worst bills of the session. We’d hoped that the National Popular Vote might be veto-worthy, but late in her veto session she signed that one too.

Where does it leave us?

Despite claims that the Legislature was “diversifying” the economy, it did nothing of the sort. In fact, we’ll be even more dependent on oil moving forward. But, that may not be a bad thing…until it is due to the mind boggling increase in oil production in the Permian (oil production in NM has tripled since 2012) and relatively stable or even rising prices per barrel. See charts below:

While the Session went poorly for anyone who believes in limited government, the question now turns toward the 2020 elections (yes, we realize there is a 30 day session and some things can happen then). A few things come to mind, such as: 1) Will Republicans find a viable US Senate candidate or will they fade further toward de facto 3rd party status? 2) Will the NM Senate go the way of the House? 3) Will oil continue to carry the New Mexico economy or will New Mexico politicians have to reduce their wish lists and reduce spending?

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2 Replies to “A final recap of New Mexico’s 2019 Legislative session”

  1. Living in the SE section of the state many of us wish we could let Texas annex us into their state…at least they value the importance of gas and oil and are not deluded into the false sense of security of being carbon free….this state has so much going for it if only politicians would put aside their “glory goals” and deal with reality….

  2. The Founders did many great things in writing the Constitution, and one of the greatest (if not THE) was the creation of the Electoral College, a grand step in attempting to prevent tyranny by the majority, which we see in New Mexico, California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and several other states. (New Mexico has been ruled (not governed) by the democrats about 60 of 90 years; by Republicans, none of the 90). As a life-long democrat, I am appalled at the creation and maintenance of these colonies/company towns/plantations.

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