A peek inside the now-destroyed “castle” of Manny Aragon

As has been reported in various media outlets, disgraced New Mexico Senator Manny Aragon’s “castle” home recently was destroyed by fire. Back in December of 2009, then Rio Grande Foundation watchdog reporter Jim Scarantino and camera man Steve McCallister were able to access the house. The duo filmed large portions of the house. That film has thankfully been preserved for posterity. See below:

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  1. Manny always had a sleazy reputation as an attorney. His corruption regarding the construction of the Metro Court courthouse was uncovered by a forensic accountant hired by one of the construction subs. The accountant testified that there had been significant siphoning of funds from the project. The Journal reported that a document with the writing “pay Manny 50” was entered into evidence. I was told by a courthouse employee that after the conclusion of the trial. the trial judge recommended to the accountant that she turn over her findings to the FBI. The rest is history.

    Greg Fouratt, the Republican appointed U.S. Attorney, went after political corruption in N.M. with a vengeance. At the same time, Manny, the former mayor of the City of Albuquerque (Ken Schultz), a former NM state treasurer
    and I think a former state auditor (all Dems) were in federal prison on corruption charges.

    Thanks so much for the “castle” video. The Journal reported that the place had no kitchen and only two bedrooms. Gee, I wonder whether the place was insured.

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