A Week for Worker Sovereignty

It’s National Employee Freedom Week — a great opportunity to remember not just “the freedoms union employees have to opt out of union membership,” but the economic-development value of labor liberty.

The Foundation’s survey of quality job-creation in right-to-work vs. non-right-to-work states — now in its third year — has consistently found results that bolster the case against compulsory unionism.

In Forbes, the retired president and CEO of McDonald’s USA writes that despite their well-funded agitprop, unions “undermine the working class by reducing good job opportunities where less-skilled jobseekers can find a toehold on the career ladder.”

Colin Sharkey of the Association of American Educators notes that in a recent poll, “three in ten union members reported they would leave the union if they could do so without losing their job or any other penalty — and nearly 80 percent of Americans agree they should have that right.”

Americans for Prosperity’s Akash Chougule offers an overview of the Employee Rights Act, which would “require unions — rather than just union officials — to stand for re-election when the workforce has turned over by 50 percent at the end of a collective-bargaining agreement.”

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