ABQ Mayor Keller’s credit card conservatism

The Rio Grande Foundation was recently asked to comment on a story involving Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller’s decision NOT to use a City credit card. Instead, as the story notes, he will be using his own personal money for various expenses.

We applaud Keller for this fiscal restraint and point to his veto of the TopGolf subsidy package as a bigger, more important example of Keller’s welcome fiscal restraint.


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One Reply to “ABQ Mayor Keller’s credit card conservatism”

  1. The credit card refusal is a good minor sign. His veto of $2.6M going to TopGolf I agree with, but the City Council will over ride his veto in August when they meet again. The original Council vote was 8-1 in favor of TopGolf.
    They need a 2/3 majority to over ride his veto. He must know that.
    One large negative for Keller is that he approved the Sanctuary City Resolution enacted by our City Council.

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