Alaska “on the ground,” Chaves County, and more

The week started out with a “bang” as Dowd Muska traveled to Roswell for a final (successful 5-0) vote in support of Right to Work in Chaves County. Chaves becomes the 4th New Mexico county to adopt a Right to Work ordinance. The wins are piling up!

RGF president Paul Gessing didn’t make the trip because he’s on his way to a meeting in Anchorage, Alaska (marking yet another state off his list. Gessing will be meeting with his friend and fellow tax-fighter Grover Norquist on this trip, but he’ll also be doing some “on the ground research on the Alaska economy.”

After all, Alaska is an oil and resource-intense state like New Mexico. It is the ONLY state in the country with a higher unemployment rate as of April. New Mexico is now at 5.4% but Alaska’s unemployment rate remains subbornly-high at 7.3%. What gives?

Notably, Alaska (like New Mexico) also suffers from an unusually-high rate of violent crime.

Gessing will have a full report in a week or so.

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