Albuquerque voters reject mandatory paid sick leave: initial thoughts

By a margin of 718 votes (as things stand now) Albuquerque voters rejected the complicated and onerous mandatory paid sick leave proposal that was being pushed by left-wing organizations including Olé.Voters turned out in relatively high numbers for this election which indeed had a little bit for everybody in terms of the mayor’s race, city council races, and the all-important sick leave measure.

A few initial thoughts:

  1. Albuquerque’s business community came together again to oppose this awful initiative. Business owners knew that passage was yet another “nail” in the coffin of an already-struggling local economy. This unity is rare, but given the number of well-funded left-wing groups operating in our State, it proved absolutely critical;
  2. The names are too many to name, but the constant effort and vigilance on this issue on the part of many people over the last 1.5 years laid the groundwork for this hard-fought victory;
  3. Clearly, many voters also considered the sick leave mandate a threat to the local economy as it is much easier to just vote for the “freebie” that is being promised as opposed to thinking through the consequences of more government regulations;
  4. While defeat of mandatory paid sick leave is a great victory for sanity, it is yet another “defensive” policy win. It is going to take actual market-based reforms both in Santa Fe and Albuquerque to make our City (and state) economically competitive and successful.

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6 Replies to “Albuquerque voters reject mandatory paid sick leave: initial thoughts”

  1. Albuquerque just dodged a bullet when the voters voted no on this ordinance. The underlying problem lies with the ease with which special interest groups can get proposed laws on municipal elections ballots. Either the City Charter or the state election code laws need to be changed to limit these signature initiatives to how taxpayer money is spent – not how much private sector employees should be paid per hour or how much sick leave should accrue to an employee. Joe Monaghan’s blog says that proponents of the Healthy Workforce Ordinance spent $500,000.

    In looking at vote totals at the Albuquerque City Clerk’s web site, it appears that 96,971 votes were cast for various mayoral candidates but that only 91,384 were cast regarding the proposed ordinance. Did 5587 voters not realize that there was something on the back side of the ballot?

  2. Paul, the Rio Grand Foundation was a strong opposing force made a difference in the outcome. Thank you for all you do for New Mexico.

  3. Had the mandatory sick leave ordinance passed in Albuquerque, the County
    would have been next, then Santa Fe and then New Mexico. The struggle is
    not over for the liberals will keep trying. Keep up the good work.

  4. Paul:

    So Santa Fe voters just defeated the “Sugar Tax” and the increase to the NMGRT. ABQ voters defeated the mandatory sick leave “tax”.

    Encouraging! However, we all must re-double our efforts.

    There was some question as to the legality of the sick leave ordinance. What’s your take on that?

    Paul, there is a “free lunch.” Come on up to Santa Fe and get yours!

    Thanks for the good work you do.


  5. Contrary to upcoming Mayoral Candidate Lewis’ analysis, a significant bunch of Albuquerque Folks desire the rest of us to pay for their sicknesses. No matter how ya cut it, it is always: I’ll trade you my skills/talents…no matter how humble…for what you value, i.e. the money you are willing to pay for me to bring a plate to your table or lube your car or install your cable or wipe your parents’ bottoms.
    – IMHO, kinda data (vote) based, private businesses etc. got by the election by the hair of their chinny chin chins this go around. Unless we want One-Potty(sic) Rule, seems like The Royal Opposition should start reaching out to those Defeated in the Spirit of cooperation/compromise today rather than the My Team beat your Team…na na, na na, na naah! high school mentality that has our country in a putrid sewer of Gridlock which prevents us from Advancing as the so called Greatest Nation in the World! In today’s world, if you ain’t Advancing, you be falling behind!
    – Yo, The Defeated graciously included mega ridiculous qualifications/inclusions to signal they’d be willing to compromise. The Royal Opposition should be ready to “Deal!” as that carDude is always imploring!!!! Not just ready, but proactively extending a hand.

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