APS builds $22 million training facility…then asks taxpayers for massive tax hike

If you live, work, or even visit Albuquerque on a regular basis you are likely familiar with the “Twin Towers” on Louisiana across from the ABQ Uptown shopping development.

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These are some of the most spacious facilities throughout New Mexico, but they are not enough to contain the administrative bloat of APS. The District is close to opening a brand new $22 million “training” facility. This facility will NOT be open to students and will not benefit them directly in any way. Yet, voters are being asked to vote for a 19% property tax hike this February. That tax hike would be used to fund even more building by the school district.

APS needs to live within its means. Voters regularly approve bond measures offered by the district and district property tax collections have continued to increase. There is no need for a tax hike.

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2 Replies to “APS builds $22 million training facility…then asks taxpayers for massive tax hike”

  1. Paul, one boundry of this property is an arroyo. APS has a contract with Clear Channel to place large (i.e. west side of Del Norte on San Mateo) lighted, changing billboards. They proposed placing one of these billboard on the south border, along the arroyo. My Neighborhood Association put a stop to this. First of all it would be right in the homes built on the arroyo. It is a residential location inappropriate for this site. Moreover, they are using APS property to gain income on 7 of these types of locations. This of top of the spending for the building is too much. Need I say more?

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