APS tax hike will impact voters in ABQ, South/North Valley, East Mountains, and Corrales

There are many unique features of the APS 19% property tax increase election that will take place in early 2019. The most notable feature is that this is a mail-in election in which ballots will be sent out to voters in early January.

Another important feature of this election is that it is not limited to the City of Albuquerque or another readily-recognizable political jurisdiction. As seen in the map below, APS boundaries (and therefore taxing authority) transcends city and county lines.

Voters both in and outside of Albuquerque will be voting on a 19% property tax hike. That means Corrales, North/South Valley outside the City, and the East Mountains. Ballots are supposed to show up in the mail boxes of registered voters, but if they don’t, it is worth knowing whether or not you SHOULD be able to vote on this tax.

The map below may not be clear enough to see all the details, but a higher resolution version can be found here.

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