Are unions lying or just uninformed about RTW?

The recent Sandoval County Commission meeting on “right to work” was fun. For once the good guys have the numbers and the spine and have the unions on the defensive (and they know it).

The unions are “organized” and definitely show up and make noise anytime “right to work” is on the agenda, but when they actually attempt to argue their points on anything resembling a factual basis, their arguments fall apart. Take this “fact sheet” that was passed out at the meeting:

The document asserts that 7 of the 10 highest unemployment states are “right to work” (see below). This one is easily provable and clearly wrong. according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ August 2017 data, the three highest unemployment rate states are all non-RTW (including New Mexico at 2nd-worst). The highest ten includes 5 RTW and 5 non-RTW states, so their information is factually incorrect (and that includes West Virginia as RTW despite the fact that the law was held up by a judge until the last month.

Once non-RTW New Mexico and Alaska are out of the way, in terms of unemployment rate every state is actually doing reasonably well. The next highest states (non-RTW Ohio and RTW as of January 2017 Kentucky are still below 5.5%).

The fact remains that the unions are distributing false or misleading information. We’ll continue to expose it.

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