At long last Right to Work passes in Sandoval County

After months of wrangling, union disinformation, and long meetings, Sandoval County, NM adopted Right to Work at 12:30am this morning (Friday, January 19). The vote was three to one with one abstention. Commissioners Block, Heil, and Holden Rhodes all voted in support. Kudos to each of them for their hard work and support.

The lone opposition was from Democrat Eichwald although he equivocated throughout his remarks and didn’t express outright opposition to the concept. Commissioner Chapman abstained although he echoed Eichwald’s concerns in his remarks.

Here are some takeaways from the meeting:

  1. No economic reform in New Mexico comes easily. This was a long process involving many late nights. The unions are organized and vocal. Even Republicans like Chapman succumb to fear and disinformation.
  2. That said, you know you are over the target if you are taking flak. This is the biggest economic reform the Rio Grande Foundation has been a part of and it is the most positive economic policy change in New Mexico since the Richardson-era tax cuts.
  3. The system is stacked against change. New Mexico’s hyper-partisan leftist Attorney General Hector Balderas issued a last-second legal opinion in opposition to Right to Work. Other County officials and bureaucrats expressed their opposition based on misunderstandings of Right to Work and flimsy legal arguments. Despite New Mexico’s economic woes and the lack of action in the Legislature, Chapman and Eichwald wanted to continue to wait for action there. They’ll be waiting for a long time unless some unforeseen political changes happen.
  4. Americans for Prosperity and Burly Cain stepped up to the plate with grassroots organization and proved that they are going to be a force to be reckoned with in New Mexico. Sandoval County’s economic development professionals also spoke powerfully and passionately about the issue as did several average citizens. We were outnumbered, but have the truth on our side.

Overall, it was a great win not just for Sandoval County, but for New Mexico as a whole. The question is which County will step up next? It is time for those conservative elected officials around our State to step up and take on the special interests who are holding New Mexico’s economy back.

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3 Replies to “At long last Right to Work passes in Sandoval County”

  1. While this is a great accomplishment, until New Mexico vastly reduces Crime and makes great improvements in our Schools, being a RTW State will mean little to business looking to relocate or expand. RTW is far down the list of what’s important when a CEO has to consider the terrible schools his employees kids will be going to and is their cars will be stolen out of their driveways. Democrats are contributing to the Crime problem by making Albuquerque a Sanctuary City, welcoming Criminal Illegal Immigrants to stay here and practice their vocation. Who thinks Michelle Lujan Grisham won’t make NM a Sanctuary State, offering even more Criminals a Safe Harbor?

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