Campaign Tim Keller once echoed the Rio Grande Foundation…then he got elected

Mayor Keller (during the final, televised Mayoral debate) in November sounded like an analyst with the Rio Grande Foundation when he said: “We are top-heavy in almost every department. We’ve got rows of executives that didn’t even exist before until this council and this mayor signed off on it…and we also have money stashed away in all sorts of places that is sitting around not being used. We have $328,000,000 in unspent capital outlay money.

View it for yourself below:

Unfortunately, the Mayor’s tune has changed and now he is going to sign off on City Council’s irresponsible tax grab.

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2 Replies to “Campaign Tim Keller once echoed the Rio Grande Foundation…then he got elected”

  1. You have to parse his words carefully and remember that he was elected with union support. So he may talk about reducing executives, but making significant cuts in overall workforce, privatizing city services or aligning compensation with the private sector was never going to happen.

    Mayor Berry, for all his faults, was the first mayor in memory to attempt to stand up to the public employee unions. Those days are over.

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