Catholic Church lobbyist: you’re a racist if you don’t support pre-K

Having worked in public policy and closely followed politics for my entire adult life (and been Catholic my whole life as well) very few things surprise me as the head of the Rio Grande Foundation. Having the lobbyist for the Catholic Church indirectly call you a “racist” for opposing his plans to tap the New Mexico Permanent Fund for pre-K programs is indeed a surprise.

In case you missed it, the Senate Finance Committee Chairman John-Arthur Smith (a Democrat) put the brakes on tapping the Permanent Fund for pre-K yet again this year but it is worth noting that Gov. Susana Martinez (a Republican) has dramatically-increased pre-K funding over the years including $37 million more in this year’s budget alone.

But, apparently, if you believe that the evidence is just not there for pre-K or that you just don’t think tapping the Permanent Fund is the right approach for pre-K funding, that makes you a “racist” in the eyes of the Catholic Church’s right hand man. And lest you think the Catholic Church is being anything but political, the Archbishop of Santa Fe himself was side-by-side with Allen Sanchez, Voices for Children and leftist “community organizer” Javier Benavidez at their candle light vigil in support of pre-K on Wednesday.

As a Catholic who attended Catholic Schools and makes decent money, but still can’t afford to send my kids to Catholic schools like St.Pius X at a cost of more than $12,000 annually (I have 3 kids and even if tuition remained constant that would run $144,000 for each of them to attend). It would be great if the Church would put its considerable political weight behind school choice and making their own (generally very good) schools accessible to those in the middle class or more modest means, but…politics.

Advocate: Racism killed early childhood education proposalEm021418n



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7 Replies to “Catholic Church lobbyist: you’re a racist if you don’t support pre-K”

  1. I’m not impressed with this Archbishop. He will cozy up with soda taxes and other hair brained things, but admonish a priest for showing Albuquerque what the abortion industry is doing to the unborn in their own city.

    Also as a Catholic, I too can’t afford to put my kids in any of the schools either.

  2. Yes, when the Catholic Church becomes so publicly visible on a political subject, it appears to be speaking for all it’s members and this is just not the case. I do not like that they do this. Same reason I don’t join AARP, they just do not support my opinions politically.

  3. IChurches in my home state (Montana) have been bastions of white supremacy since territorial days. Think: forts on the frontier.
    I am part native. I’ve been singled out in the pews. The theme of the confrontation is generally that I’m in the wrong place. The other time was a supposed court action where, “you guys won the right to practice your religion” so are you here to harrass us? In April 2000 someone during the service called police and had me removed from the service. Whoever called police didn’t own up to it and speak with the officers.
    Most people have a stereotypical view of native americans which doesn’t include civilized, working, middle class native families, or us mixed race natives. Some of the church goers resent natives even more if they become successful. Others stop attending that particular parish and become guests in the church of a nearby neighboring town – or threaten to. One time during a service I was told, ” they aught to build you guys a church where you can practice your religion”. Again indicating they didn’t feel I belonged there. Many who are reading this (if the moderater prints this) think I need to go to some kind of Indian ceremony like they saw on TV or in something else..most reading this will believe I was going to church to be a trouble maker. I can’t understand why I could be baptized, confirmed then allowed in church for decades then be stopped after I moved to another town and attended church there. I joined a lawsuit against the church a couple years ago where I received an award but I am further out of the public faith community. I do online Christianity and there is a good FM Radio broadcast I tune into. I’m much more knowledgeable about my Bible which I’ve devoted myself to in my post -church attending life.

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