Closed captioning mandate and the GOP: a sad shade of the same

It is hard to say with a straight face that imposing $250 or $500 fines on restaurants or other public businesses that fail to have closed captioning on their televisions is anything less than massive government overreach. But, that  is exactly what the City of Albuquerque just chose to impose on local businesses. Now, we could easily have the “closed captioning police” running around town playing “gotcha’ with people who are just trying to manage their businesses among the thicket of taxes, regulations, and crime issues.

And, like so many misguided policies that have been adopted in Albuquerque, the closed-caption fees are the product of “bi-partisan” action by City Council. Supposed “Republican” (city council is technically non-partisan) councilors Brad Winter and Trudy Jones voted in support of the ordinance (full text here) while Don Harris was absent (vote results here).

With everything going on in our City it is sad that more ridiculous regulations are being imposed by City Council. Sadder still is the fact that supposedly pro-business “Republicans” who (with the exception of the departed Dan Lewis) all supported the ART boondoggle keep pushing right alongside “progressives” like Pat Davis and Isaac Benton for ever more government.

When are closed captions required by law?



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