Comparing forced unionism Las Cruces & Right to Work El Paso

Earlier this week McKinley County’s Commission introduced a “right to work” ordinance to be considered and (hopefully) passed at some date in the near future.

As usual, the unions were there to speak against it (not Jon Hendry). One opponent was Chris Saavedra of the UFCW union was one of the opponents and he made a point about the relative economic merits of non-“right to work” Las Cruces as opposed to “right to work” El Paso across the border in Texas.

To say the least, by any objective measure, El Paso is the economic model, not Las Cruces.

As the following shows, when it comes to employment growth since the end of the Great Recession or unemployment rates, El Paso’s economy is far superior to that of Las Cruces.

The unions make a lot of assertions at these public meetings, but when you actually look at the numbers, “right to work” states outperform those that don’t have such laws in place. The difference between El Paso and Las Cruces is emblematic of the fact that jobs follow economic freedom.

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