County-level “Right to Work” is on the march in New Mexico!

Unlike the New Mexico Legislature (which rather ironically remains a hive of “progressives” eagerly waiting for the next hit of oil money), counties around the state are taking action as best they can to make themselves more attractive to economic development.

Following the lead of Sandoval County, Otero County recently adopted a “Right to Work” ordinance 3-0. And momentum is building. Lincoln County (with nary a word said in opposition) saw “Right to Work” introduced at a recent Commission meeting. And the Chaves County Commission (Roswell is the largest city there) has also introduced “Right to Work.”

McKinley County will be voting on final passage soon (it will be close in that Democrat-controlled county) and San Juan (Farmington is the biggest city) will introduce it soon.

“Right to Work” is the best thing policy-wise happening in New Mexico. Sure, unemployment is finally dropping (down to 5.%% as of March) and oil is booming and giving the State a massive surplus, but the big-spenders around our State are just waiting to spend more money on new government boondoggles rather than undertaking difficult reforms.

If you support the Rio Grande Foundation’s efforts to spread “Right to Work” throughout New Mexico, please make a tax-deductible donation here.

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