Deb Haaland and the politics of exclusion

With the primary elections earlier this month New Mexico’s Democratic Party took a big step to the left. Typical of that shift was the race for CD1 in which the former Chair of the Party Deb Haaland won in a competitive primary.

It was no surprise that Haaland ran and won as a “progressive” in New Mexico’s increasingly liberal heart, but some of her rhetoric seemed to imply that she will not be representing large numbers of her constituents if she’s elected to Congress.

Go to her website right now and you’ll see the following statement (screen shot below): “I’ve always fought for…women of color, single moms, lesbians and transwomen military families….”

So, by her own admission Haaland excludes men (no matter their race), white women (and married ones), and plain old military families (she has fought for “lesbians and and transwomen military families” though).

And, as if she’s attempting to put to rest any doubts about Elizabeth Warren’s Native heritage (or lack thereof), Haaland makes clear that SHE will be the first Native woman in Congress.

If elected she’ll undoubtedly be among the most “progressive” members of Congress. Time will tell if she’ll represent those lefty men and married women (let alone moderates and conservatives) or if she’ll stick to hard-left identity politics.

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