Gov. Martinez licensing review is good news for workers, families, and New Mexico’s economy

Gov. Martinez is in the final six months of her time in office. That is the very definition of “lame duck.” And, while her economic development staff paint an unduly rosy picture of New Mexico’s economy and offer misguided prescriptions for improvement (LEDA and JTIP), the Gov. recently showed that she still wants to use her office to have a positive impact on New Mexico’s economy as her term comes to an end.

Specifically, her executive order on occupational licensing is excellent news.

The Order is worth reading in its entirety, but specifically it requires various boards and commissions to provide specific information relating to how onerous and expensive the licenses are relative to those in other states. Recommendations for streamlining are expected as are specific provisions relating specifically to military spouses and the challenges they face with regard to licensing.

The Rio Grande Foundation has long argued for occupational licensing reform. And, one of the more positive legacies of the Obama Administration has been an increased trans-partisan focus on the issue.

According to one report, New Mexicans could save over $1,000 from licensing reform.

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