Janus decision no obstacle to UNM unionization, but it does protect workers from forced dues payements

At the Rio Grande Foundation we’ve been pretty much silent on the big unionization vote over at UNM. As it turns out the pro-union side won handily. We are skeptical that unionization will solve the serious management issues at UNM, but there are a few important issues we feel need to be pointed out:

  1. The US Supreme Court’s Janus v. AFSCME decision allowing government employees (like UNM employees) “right to work status” did not deter or prevent unionization. Many supporters of forced unionism complained that the Court’s decision was meant to “destroy” public sector unions. It did nothing of the sort and government employee unions remain among the most influential interest groups in New Mexico and other states.
  2. Good news for UNM faculty and adjunct faculty! Thanks to the Janus decision if you don’t WANT to join the new union or pay the dues, you don’t have to no matter what you are told by the union organizers and supporters.

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