John Stossel Destroys Michael Moore’s Premise

The entire debate over socialism vs. free markets comes down to two simple facts: 1) the left doesn’t understand economics and 2) the left confuses compassion with government action. Michael Moore has made these mistakes in spades throughout his career, nowhere more often than in “Sicko.” Unlike most of the mainstream media, John Stossel calls him on the lies and obfuscations that Moore perpetrates.
Hating Michael Moore is not going to win any arguments; instead, those who philosophically disagree with his socialist worldview need to come up with alternatives of their own that are superior to the snake oil Moore is selling. Kudos to John Stossel!

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One Reply to “John Stossel Destroys Michael Moore’s Premise”

  1. Stossel says, “A free society is about voluntary communities cooperating through the division of labor.
    That’s how he “destroys” Michael Moore? The “let’s privatize the fire department” argument?
    Your argument is much stronger: come up with a better plan. Remember, it has to produce medical outcomes comparable to today, for all citizens, at a much lower cost than the current American health insurance system. That’s the “socialist” example elsewhere in the world.

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