Labor Freedom No Longer Alien to Chaves County

This is getting monotonous.

Earlier today, Chaves County became the fourth county in the Land of Enchantment to go right-to-work.

Errors of Enchantment was on hand. So were Big Labor’s operatives, angrily spreading their nonsense about “the Koch Brothers” and “the right to work … for less.”

Commissioners weren’t buying the blather. They voted, unanimously, to ban the compulsory payment of tribute to private-sector union bosses.

No, RTW isn’t the sole answer to New Mexico’s economic woes. Much more needs to be done — from tax relief to education choice, effective crimefighting to tort reform. But more labor freedom in the Land of Enchantment is a step in the right direction — and a sign that while Santa Fe regularly smothers good economic-development policy proposals, out in “the sticks,”  elected officials recognize what needs to be done.

Who’s next? San Juan? Lea? Sierra? Curry? Eddy? Roosevelt? Watch this space!

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