Left-wing group ignores reality (or do we repeat ourselves)?

Recently, we wrote in this space about an LFC report on the tremendous growth in childcare assistance spending in New Mexico, but the finding that the increased spending “did not impact educational outcomes for children.”

Leave it up to the uber-left “Voices for Children” to make the implausible argument that we are “nickel and diming” these child care programs. As you can plainly see (the chart is lifted directly from the LFC report), spending on child care has risen dramatically in recent years, nearly doubling since 2014 (so the increases have come under both Republican and Democrat governors).

As usual, the left takes a government program of questionable effectiveness, pushes for rapid expansion (often with Republicans embracing it) with no end in sight. How much do we have to spend before we are not “nickel and diming” child care? We are never told this by the Voices writer.

Finally, the idea that new government programs are the key to improving outcomes for New Mexico’s children is never questioned. Restoring 2 parent families, reforms to the existing K-12 system, and broader economic reforms (to name a few) are not part of the play book.

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