Left-wing groups take us on a trip to the twilight zone arguing the NM senate is “conservative”

There is a disturbing Youtube video making the rounds. If you can tolerate the 45 minutes of insanity, I have posted it below. In the video the leftist activists discuss “what’s wrong with the New Mexico Senate.” You see, they believe that the Senate, despite its long history of Democrat control is “too conservative” for these people.

You can see just how long and deep New Mexico’s single-party rule goes in the graphic below. Also, if you are interested in actual analysis of real votes on tax and fiscal issues over the last few years you can look at our Freedom Index which goes back to 2015.

Of course, in the “progressive” dominated Legislature, anyone who votes Republicans on any issue (the main thrust of the video’s argument), no matter how mundane, is a threat and must be defeated. So, passage of:

HB 85 which banned local Right to Work;

SB 489 which shuts down the San Juan Generating Station and enacts a 50% “renewable” mandate;

SB 2 which massively expanded film subsidies;

HB 6 which raised taxes despite the State’s billion dollar surplus.

If those bills, not to mention, adoption of a $12 minimum wage, rejection of the Electoral College, and a 12% budget increase  and numerous other leftist policies from just the 2019 session alone aren’t enough, it is clear the “progressives” want one thing: total control of your life.

You can watch the video  below. Warning, it will take you through the proverbial looking glass and is not for the faint of heart. Plus there are factual errors and inaccuracies.


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