Lincoln Goes RTW — Is Sierra Next?

Earlier today, Lincoln County “went right to work” — it became the third county in the Land of Enchantment to ban the compulsory payment of dues/fees to unions.

Economic development is a serious issue in the county. Over the last eight years, employment has actually declined:

But wait, it gets better. Also today, Sierra County commissioners began consideration of their own RTW ordinance. The Foundation’s Paul Gessing was on hand, to explain why RTW is a useful tool for attracting jobs and investment. Like its neighbor to the east, Sierra County has struggled to create opportunities for its residents:

In a 2016 profile, the Albuquerque Journal wrote that Sierra County’s “population has been shrinking for years.” Cruelly, the county is home to “Spaceport America,” a “public investment” that once promised to create thousands of jobs. Regular readers of Errors of Enchantment know how that’s worked out.

So Lincoln is now RTW, and Sierra could be next. Good news for supporters of liberty, opportunity, and prosperity in New Mexico!

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