Mayor Keller is now begging college students to stay home for school

The following letter was sent to the family of a friend of the Rio Grande Foundation by Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller as part of his “One Albuquerque” initiative. The young man recently graduated high school and is now considering options out of college.

It appears that Albuquerque’s “big push” for young people to stay home and go to UNM involves free bus passes, “world-class” cultural amenities, early childhood programs, and the opportunity to serve on boards and commissions.” Sounds pretty tempting….

I don’t know about today’s college kids, but I went to college for the purpose of finding better job opportunities. Of course, that is not Albuquerque’s strong suit. I think more New Mexico students should be encouraged to go out of state (or at least out of town) for college to see what the world beyond Albuquerque looks like. It is also pretty unusual for the Mayor to be sending letters to young people encouraging them to stay home.

Gov. Lujan-Grisham has also gotten into the act with her “STEM Boomerang” program. Is it enough? We think politicians should be focusing on freeing businesses to create high-paying jobs, but that is not where New Mexico policies are going these days. Will free bus passes and opportunities to get involved in government stem the tide of young people who are leaving (see United Van Lines data below the letter)?


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4 Replies to “Mayor Keller is now begging college students to stay home for school”

  1. NM has one of the worst public school systems in the nation, one of the worst job markets in the country and some of the highest crime stats in the country. These “inconvenient truths” are the result of nearly 88 years of single party Dem rule. Every young person in NM should have contingency plans to leave the state for a better job, a better education or a better life. As long as the voters of NM continue to want single party Dem rule, significant change here is not going to happen. Your most powerful weapon against political stupidity is your ability to move.

    1. Well said, Charles! You are right. But if you can make it here it is a great place to live, politics aside.

  2. I worked at UNM for 25 years. In the 10 years since I retired they have lost 15% of their students. Here is why. UNM is a third rate university. It is beyond politically correct. It is politically corrupt. There is no free speech. It is an anti white, anti Israeli and typically anti American as many universities are today. The science and business sides are ok but if you want a good education, go to CNM or online. The diploma (I use the term loosely) from UNM is next to worthless today. A state that will soon be totally socialist does not deserve the talents of a true American. Leave.

  3. More basic to me is who is Mayor Tim targeting with his letters? Does this include all high school seniors, those that have better grades than others and might be more successful in the college setting or those students selected by their high school guidance counselors? So, how does the Mayor get the home addresses of said students..APS?

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