Missouri and San Juan County votes show Right to Work remains important issue

For some people, the recent Janus decision by the US Supreme Court decided the issue of Right to Work. While the decision DID affirm the right of freedom of association for government employees, it did nothing for private sector workers (except provide them an argument in support of freedom of association).

Missouri is voting today on a referendum over whether the State will become Right to Work. Polls say the decision will be extremely close. Again, media outlets are claiming (inaccurately) that this vote is “for all the marbles” when it comes to unionization and the future of unions.

There’s no doubt that this vote is important. Every worker should be free to choose whether to join or financially support a private organization. That’s why the Rio Grande Foundation is still working to bring Right to Work to as many counties as possible in New Mexico. Right here in New Mexico, the San Juan County Commission will be holding a final vote on Right to Work this afternoon. If adopted, this would make San Juan the 8th county in New Mexico to go Right to Work.

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