MLG out-California’s California on fuel standards

In taking a closer look at the Albuquerque Journal article detailing (because the Governor’s own website has less detail) Gov. Lujan Grisham’s fuel efficiency mandate, I noticed that the Gov. is putting New Mexico even further out than California when it comes to fuel economy.

The Gov. has proposed increasing the average fuel economy to 52 mpg by 2022.

California’s current clean car standard (which is being litigated currently) has a target of 51 mpg and they are giving themselves until 2025 to achieve it. So, poor, oil and gas producing New Mexico, where the Ford F-150 is the most popular vehicle, is supposed to compete with California where the top vehicle purchased is a Honda Civic?

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    1. So, the rule if it goes through will take effect in 2022 (an election year). It will only apply to new vehicles sold. She will destroy the car dealership industry because no one will want to buy the cars available which is limited to about 5 types of non-electric cars (mostly hybrids).

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