Morality, tax dollars, and the asylum seekers

Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller, City Council, and other supporters of using tax dollars to aid asylum seekers all likely suffered injuries this week patting themselves on the back for, as Keller put it, “standing for the families lawfully traveling through the Duke City to join their sponsors around the country and seek a better life.”

That sounds really nice, but spending tax dollars collected from the citizens of Albuquerque does not enhance the moral standing of elected officials. It’s NOT THEIR MONEY! If Tim Keller, Pat Davis, or any of the supporters of using tax dollars for this purpose want to actually engage in a moral act, they should donate their own time and money to helping the asylum seekers.

And opponents of spending $250,000 don’t get off the hook entirely. While we at the Rio Grande Foundation share the view that this is NOT what our tax dollars were intended for, it would be great if folks who fight so vehemently against this spending were so passionate (and proactive) about the way their City taxes and spends their money. Run for City Council this fall, come to meetings (like when Council raised taxes a year ago), and engage more broadly in how government at all levels uses your tax dollars.

After all, when City Council raised the GRT last March there were only a handful of citizens there (including myself) to speak out against the proposal. Where do you think Council got the $250,000 they had “just sitting around” waiting for them to spend?

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6 Replies to “Morality, tax dollars, and the asylum seekers”

  1. What’s the surprise? Dem elected officials are usually going to spend more taxpayer money than Republicans will and providing harbor for illegal aliens is a pet project of the Dems in NM. Voters in ABQ are getting just what they deserve with a Dem mayor and Dem majority city council. If you can’t stand liberal policies, New Mexico is probably not the right place for you.

    1. Arizona, Texas and, especially, Colorado need good Conservative voters. Moving is becoming a very good option.

    2. I was surprised when voters finally rejected the recent APS tax increase. Sometimes, voters have had enough of tax and spend … with no results! So what are “results” for aiding illegal aliens? More people to vote Dem! There are already cities trying to pass legislation to legalize voting for illegal aliens. Get used to socialism – redistribution of wealth. If AOC and Bernie have their way, we will all be living “Atlas Shrugged.” I think CO is a great option.

  2. Exactly right that it isn’t a moral act. There is no personal sacrifice. The politicians “look good” (to some) with other people’s money AND they potentially get votes with our money. How do we prevent non-citizens from affecting elections in NM?

  3. As you know in addition to the city of Albuquerque “donating” $250,000.00 now Bernalillo County has “kicked in” another $100,000.00 for a grand total of $350,000.00 to assist illegal migrants. Where does all this extra money come from……just laying around I guess?

    Apparently there is “nothing too good” for our illegals.

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