New Mexico Democrats kill last chance to reform state economy in 2018

Right to Work: a non-starter in Santa Fe;

Repeal costly Davis-Bacon laws which drive up construction costs: No Way!

Any regulatory or occupational licensing reform at all? Fat chance.

School choice? Not as long as the unions roam the halls of the Roundhouse!

Now we can add tax reform to the parade of status quo policies that New Mexico’s Democrat-controlled Legislature is unwilling to even consider.

As the article (see link above) by Bruce Krasnow of the New Mexican quotes Senate Majority Leader Wirth saying, “We’re not doing another big omnibus bill. No way.”

So, we’ll have a new $400,000 study out soon and the “conservative” party of New Mexico (if the measurement is conserving the status quo) has finally decided to just stop the charade of saying they’d be willing to consider revenue-neutral tax reform. It is sad but not surprising and until the electorate stops voting for the status quo, politicians are going to keep giving it to us.

As Rep. Patty Lundstrom said back in August, “To put it simply, a strong national economy is lifting up our state and, hopefully, the trend will continue and even increase.” I guess New Mexico will just wait around for President Trump and the price of oil to lift us out of our economic recession.

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2 Replies to “New Mexico Democrats kill last chance to reform state economy in 2018”

  1. I have been watching this destruction of NM by Democrats/Socialists for years. My thanks to people like Paul G. for doing the good work they do. Unfortunately, It seems the Progressives want only poverty, higher taxes and social control. It may be, if Grisham becomes governor, time to move.

  2. “Strong national economy” hiring contract labor at low wages (Underemployment)
    “Lifting up our state”? A rising tide lifts only those boats in good condition, without stove hulls, regularly and properly maintained, and not chained to the bottom
    “Hopefully”? – “Hope” properly is called “Waiting for Santa Claus”.

    As a democrat of nearly 50 years, I am disgusted, but without that attachment one has a very hard time making a living here.
    Also have to buy all the spaghetti dinners to benefit the chosen caterer.

    I await the report of full-time, private sector, well-paying jobs created by the Organ Peaks yada-yada National Monument, Spaced-Out Base, and toy state railroad, among other idiocies. None so far have been identified, at least in the Some-News in Las Cruces.

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