New Mexico now 48th in “Merit Shop Index”

The third annual Merit Shop Index came out back in November and shockingly we missed it because it is one of our favorite annual reports. As the Associated Builders and Contractors’ website describes regarding the Index:

The Merit Shop Scorecard reviews and ranks state-specific information that is significant to the construction industry. The scorecard is a tool to identify states that are embracing the merit shop philosophy via legislation, policies, priorities and valuable programs, as well as highlight states where proactive and strategic improvements need to be executed to create an environment conducive to the industry’s needs.

Unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, New Mexico again comes in towards the very bottom of the Merit Shop Index at 48th. The “good” news is that over the years New Mexico has migrated slightly upwards from 51st to 48th. We now beat out New York, Washington, and Illinois, but that is hardly comforting.

Prevailing wage, right to work, prohibition on Project Labor Agreements, and authorization Public Private Partnerships are all among the factors in the Index. New Mexico fails on each of them unfortunately leading to the State’s poor rankings.

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