New Mexico’s Democrat-controlled Legislature considers making electricity even more expensive

Yesterday (November 13) the interim Water and Natural Resources Committee in the New Mexico Legislature heard testimony from several radical “green” groups urging the Legislature to raise New Mexico’s “renewable portfolio standard” (RPS). The Rio Grande Foundation has previously analyzed the current  20% RPS and found that it has cost the State 3,000 jobs annually and reduced economic growth by $444 million. Now they want 50%.

This is of course meant to set the table for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Michelle Lujan-Grisham who would also like to take New Mexico to 50%.

Among the groups that did testify were two representatives of the Union of Concerned Scientists and one from PNM was also there, but considering that they haven’t opposed RPS’s in the past (they simply get the higher rates “baked in”), it was the very definition of a stacked panel.

Union for Concerned Scientists (among other radical positions) wants US taxpayers to send billions of additional dollars to “developing” nations to pay for the negative impacts of climate change. wants to radically cut carbon emissions, but an analysis by the liberal Vox found that attaining such cuts would necessarily require massive expansion of America’s nuclear electricity generation. One guess as to whether Bill McKibben and his radical group support nuclear (NO).

Amazingly, presenters during the hearing cited California’s 50% RPS as a model, but as Rep. Larry Scott (R-Hobbs) rightly pointed out California’s strict RPS has caused electricity costs to rise dramatically in recent years to the point that they now exceed those paid by New Mexicans by 60%.

This cute but informative video takes on the enviro nuts. More importantly (at least for New Mexico’s benefit) it is time to let the market, not government mandates determine how to give New Mexicans reliable, affordable electricity.


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4 Replies to “New Mexico’s Democrat-controlled Legislature considers making electricity even more expensive”

  1. Amazing — and these ignoramuses will be the first to cry about poor people not being able to afford electricity for heating and cooling

  2. It is so interesting that I have read many articles about population growth that constantly promotes urban centers that go up and not out. This of course is to save the natural environment for future generations. However, wind and solar require large land masses to capture energy to generate electricity for this increased population.

    What is really needed is high energy density sources that can exist in the same urban centers close to where it is needed. At this time, safe and clean nuclear is the most efficient energy to meet this criteria.

    With wind and solar farms (and grid lines) spread out all over New Mexico, our enchanted lands will no longer be enchanted. Sad.

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