New report labels New Mexico among least generous states in the nation. Help prove them wrong!

Is New Mexico really among the least-generous states in the nation? That’s the new finding of a report by Wallethub. Is this a free market issue? Of course it is. Not only does the Rio Grande Foundation depend on the support of individuals like yourself, but civil society in general requires the financial support of the population in order to flourish.

Unfortunately, when it comes to charitable giving, Wallethub has New Mexico ranked 45th, beating just Nevada, Rhode Island, Arizona, Louisiana, and Hawaii. Not surprisingly, Minnesota and Utah are at the top when it comes to generosity. See the map below:

Source: WalletHub

The full report is worth a read. It covers a variety of giving from the financial to the giving of time. Either way, you can help New Mexico rise and help New Mexico become a freer place with a year-end contribution to the Rio Grande Foundation.

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