Newly-formed East Mountain group organizes business coalition against mandatory sick leave proposal

As soon as Tuesday night the Bernalillo County Commission may vote on a mandatory paid sick leave proposal. You can go to the website to contact your commissioners on this important issue.

But activist Bob Gore of the newly-formed “East Mountain Conservative Outreach” has collected signatures from dozens of East Mountain businesses opposed to the mandatory paid sick leave ordinance. The County ordinance would apply to “unincorporated” areas of the County which are mostly concentrated in the East Mountains and South Valley although all commissioners will be voting on the proposal. Commissioner Pyskoty is the new-ish representative of the East Mountains which has traditionally been a conservative bastion in the County.

As the head of the effort Bob Gore said, “Albuquerque voters rightly turned down a similar mandate in 2017. I find it hard to believe that small businesses in rural East Mountain communities should be forced to bear the costs of mandatory sick leave that their competition in incorporated areas like the Village of Tijeras and City of Albuquerque will not bear.”

The Group’s release can be found here.


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One Reply to “Newly-formed East Mountain group organizes business coalition against mandatory sick leave proposal”

  1. This is not about fairness or what is best for business. This is about power through submission to unions and the Progressive left on both coasts. These tyrants either tow the line or they will be replaced at the next election.
    It falls in line with minimum wage, frivolous spending on schools and renewable energy.
    Conservatives must move from complaining to action or this will get worse quickly.

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