NMSU: scholarships for Parkland seniors, tuition hikes for others

NMSU, the usually “saner” of the two New Mexico flagship universities made big news this week when Miriam Chaiken the Dean of the University’s honors college offered scholarships to “each of the student leaders” from Parkland.

The letter sent to the students said in part,

Please tell David, Emma, and any other of your student leaders, that they are welcome at the William Conroy Honors College and at New Mexico State University…If they would like to learn more I would be delighted to talk with them on the phone, I can assure them that they will be admitted to our university, and I will personally make it my commitment to raise as much funding as I can to support them with scholarships.

Interestingly, just last year, NMSU raised tuition by a robust 6%. Higher education in New Mexico and throughout the nation has received well-deserved reputations as left-wing indoctrination camps which have raised prices at rates faster than virtually anything else in society. No pledges of increased scholarship assistance were forthcoming from the Honors College at NMSU.

Of course, it might just be the case that many (or most?) in higher education care more about advancing a left-wing political agenda than they do about actually training the work force New Mexico so critically needs.

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