No vow of poverty here: Church lobbyist Allen Sanchez made $233,638 in 2016

As has been widely reported in the media, New Mexico’s Catholic bishops “doubled down” on their accusation that “racism” is driving opposition to plans to tap New Mexico’s permanent fund for pre-K and “early childhood” programs.

The Rio Grande Foundation has made its statements on the issue but the issue remains white-hot and for good reason.

One additional piece of relevant information is that while Sanchez flings accusations of racism around, his salary in 2016 was a cool $233,638 according to publicly-available information (see screen-shot below). As seen further down in this post according to data from CNBC, that puts Allen Sanchez within the 1% “richest” New Mexicans.

Now, we at the Rio Grande Foundation do not begrudge people who make a lot of money, but Sanchez is the head of a non-profit, represents the Catholic Church, and is constantly pleading on behalf of more government spending. It would be great if he (and the Catholic Church) embraced the maxim “charity starts at home.”

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7 Replies to “No vow of poverty here: Church lobbyist Allen Sanchez made $233,638 in 2016”

  1. I worked at Catholic Charities for 5 years (as a teacher) and never received a raise. The pay was very low, less than half of what I made per hour as a public school teacher. A fellow teacher, who was there the longest (20 years) said she only received 1 raise in her entire time there. None of us taught for the money, but I would imagine if other employees of Catholic Charities and donors to the archdiocese saw this salary amount, they would be as disgusted as I am right now. I do not understand why this man has so much power when he knows nothing about how to improve education in New Mexico.

  2. Can’t imagine why the Catholic Church wants to get so deeply involved in highly controversial politics. It didn’t end well last time they did.

    The studies I have seen indicate a short term (several year) transitory benefit of early childhood education. I know that the NEA and pre-school teachers reach a different conclusion, but they are clearly biased.

    I’d prefer to see the Catholic Church focus on teaching the very simple elements needed for any individual to reach economic success: Value education, value work, and value intact functioning families.

  3. I was accompanied by Allen Sanchez to a general audience of Pope John Paul II at St. Peters Square in 1992 and am grateful for his hospitality and helping me get to the audience in a place that was unfamiliar to me, and also showed me around the North American College where he was studying to become a priest and instead, as it turns out, became a deacon. Allen also was in attendance at the celebration of Life Awareness Unity day at a later time when we both had returned to New Mexico. I don’t begrudge or envy anyone making big incomes, and wouldn’t know that about Allen, but I did leave him a message that I didn’t agree with his comment, at least as it was said to have been reported, on the use of certain State funds set aside for a certain purpose which didn’t include child rearing or education. I believe the fund was for maintenance of acequias and had been funded in connection with land grants. At least, the money in the fund had no purpose associated with education and rearing children, however good and honorable those goals might be. So it was a question of good stewardship, and that’s where the story should have ended. You just don’t take what is designated for Peter and give it to Paul because you think Paul needs it more than Peter or that you happen to like Paul because he’s one of your own. And then if you don’t get your way on the use of the money question, you don’t give an interpretation that raises any questions of racism. Because as Father Mark Granito points out, we are members of one race, the human race. Race shouldn’t be the subject of government and politics. Father Granito is right. Listen to the priest, not the politicos. By the way Allen, I hope you’re doing well and earning lots of money. I like it when my Hispanic friends get rich if that’s really the case as the tax returns show. They can always bail me out when I’m out on a binge smashing abortionists windows like I did before I met Saint John Paul II and became a more respectable law abiding citizen. God bless. And do send me an answer sometime to that message I left some years ago about the article when you’re feeling up to it. I couldn’t get the connection between acequias and land grant funds and racism, but maybe I missed the point. I did listen to and remember Father Granito’s homilies however, and Father Bartholomew’s, and Father Donald Malin’s, and Father Frank Chacon’s, and Deacon Bill Holguin’s, and Father Oliver Obele’s, and Father Kenny Udumka’s, and Father John Carney’s, and Bishop Stephen Berg’s, and Pope John Paul II’s, and Father Nat Foshage’s, and Deacon Michael Doehrman’s, and Bishop Robert Barron’s, and Father Derrick’s, and Bishop James Wall’s, and Father Jose’s, and Bishop Liam’s, and Bishop Fernando Isern’s, and Father George Salazar’s, and Father Brasher’s, and Bishop Tafoya’s, and Father Henry’s, and Father Jarek Nowacki, and Deacon Patrick McKenzie’s, and Father Tom’s, and Father John’s, and Father Leo Padget’s, and Father Martinez’s and other priest’s and bishop’s and deacon’s and I cannot think of one time in any of those homilies that race or ethnicity or skin color ever was mentioned. I could be wrong, but apparently the Catholic Church in presenting the gospel message and teaching of the faith says that race means nothing to the Church. If they thought it was important, I think in at least one of those hundreds of homilies one priest, or deacon, or bishop, or Pope would have raised it as an issue. The absence of the issue in all those hours of homilies says that it isn’t an issue for the Church and the faithful. It doesn’t matter to Catholics what race you think you are. It won’t get you anywhere either. Was that a correct conclusion, Archbishop John Wester? I thought you might have that answer by now since Allen hasn’t replied yet to my phone message left several years ago.

  4. Any answer yet Archbishop Jonathan Wester? Apparently Allen hasn’t heard my phone message yet in three or so years. Thought you might have an answer by now. By the way, Allen, it looks like I’m going to be joining you again this year in the 1% if I don’t blow it on the stock market. If I do really well I might even push it beyond $1 million for the first time. Keep making lots of money as you’ll be able to fund most of those projects of the Bishop’s. I’m still waiting for the Pope to get off the climate change bandwagon so I can fund the gospel message again.

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