One More Time: Tourism Bureaucrats vs. Taxpayers

It’s happened again.

As was the case last year, the New Mexico Tourism Department is using its taxpayer-provided email system to urge its enthusiasts to lobby for the bureaucracy’s spending request.

Earlier this week, the NMTD sent a message gushing that the governor has requested a $3.5 million budget increase, “for the purpose of adding San Francisco as a target market for New Mexico True advertising.” Hearings before the House Appropriations and Finance Committee and Senate Finance Committee present “your opportunity to support the Department’s budget request.” So head to Santa Fe and tell legislators “how critical our industry is to New Mexico.” And if you can’t make the trip, “phone or email using the links above.”

No, the department’s message did not break the law. But that’s the problem. Isn’t it time that legislators ban all local- and state-government entities from lobbying on your dime?

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