Outrageous permit costs: another obstacle to the local economy

With Valentine’s Day last week, it seems that the folks at KRQE Channel 13 caught the spirit and made their own “Valentine” in the form of a news story on construction permits in the City of Albuquerque. With nary a dissenting voice or expression of concern about the costs (in both money and time) experienced by builders and home owners alike, the story gushed about “unpermitted block walls blowing over and killing people” and a network of neighbor snitches that would make the East German Stasi proud.

And then there was this chart:

Granted, as the footnote mentions, this was an average that may have included additional projects, but nearly $18,000 in permit costs alone for an average patio? It seems hard to believe that ANY home owner could possibly afford to pay the equivalent of the price of a new car for patio permits alone.

We just had eight years of supposed Republican rule in this City and yet our permitting and regulation process remains a major obstacle to business and economic growth in Albuquerque. Perhaps if the government got out of the way we could grow the economy and NOT foist City taxpayers with yet another tax hike?

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2 Replies to “Outrageous permit costs: another obstacle to the local economy”

  1. My solar panels took six months to install. Most of that time was spent getting permits and going through multiple city inspections and approvals.

    If this is what they’re doing to homeowners, imagine what businesses must be going through. I recall that when Green Jeans Farmery opened, the anchor restaurant opened late because the city permit was tied up.

    When I served on a local economic development board in a Chicago suburb, the group’s biggest accomplishment was to fast-track permits and zoning changes for new and expanding businesses. The resulting growth in shops and restaurants posed no threat to public safety.

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