ProgressNow’s BIG LEAK: Rio Grande Foundation Supports Right to Work!!!

The leftist hacks over at ProgressNow NM have a BIG SCOOP on the  Rio Grande Foundation.  We support “right to work” and are going to work hard to achieve it here in New Mexico.

As the link above notes, the UK hard-left “news” paper The Guradian has released a “leaked” memo from the State Policy Network of which the RGF is a part. The “memo” appears to be a fundraising letter from April, 2016 (1.5 years ago!!!) in which SPN details a “campaign” on “Right to Work.” This “big scoop” had us laughing out loud here at the Rio Grande Foundation because if a reporter from The Guardian had simply called and asked us, we’d have told them that making New Mexico a “right to work” state is one of our top priorities and has been for some time. We’ve testified in the Legislature several times and have written and researched quite extensively….no secrets here.

It’s also worth noting that “right to work” is VERY popular (EVEN AMONG DEMOCRATS):

Opinions of Labor Unions, by Political Party

No matter what the critics say, in the real world, “right to work” states continue to create more jobs than those with forced unionism in place. The Rio Grande Foundation has been tracking data on this for nearly 3 years now, but the data are clear here, here, and here.














While the RGF supports RTW for ALL workers, we actually oppose the very existence of government labor unions just as Franklin Delano Roosevelt did. 

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