Real-world story: how ObamaCare’s individual mandate hurts the poor

Let’s take a break from the dumpster fire that is the 2019 New Mexico legislative session and talk about taxes. After all, tax day is rapidly approaching.  A family member of mine who is a single female and qualifies as low income working in retail made the mistake of NOT carrying health insurance during 2018. This person is the very kind of person the Democrats say they want to help, but instead harm with their policies.

Well, when my wife helped this family member with her taxes over the past weekend we realized that she was going to owe money under the ObamaCare penalty. In fact the fine came to $500 for the  year. That’s a pretty big unexpected expense for someone making a bit more than $20,000 annually and thankfully the fine was eliminated as part of the Trump Administration’s tax reform, but it is a hard lesson indeed.

Among the many other thoughts I have about this recent incident is this “Do liberals in government really expect people working multiple jobs at low income levels to be aware of the ever-changing health care laws and regulations?”

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