Reality check on ozone

The latest supposed environmental “crisis” to hit New Mexico is “ground-level ozone.” The State is now working on a plan to address this problem. The first thing to mention about the ozone issue is that in 2015, the EPA made ground-level ozone standards stricter.

Meeting information can be found here.

Now, is this a “crisis?” Ground level ozone can be harmful and we’re not going to argue that reducing those levels is a good or bad thing, but what is really happening with ozone levels? Nationwide since 1980 ozone levels are down 31% (according to the US EPA).

In the Southwest (the region New Mexico is in) between 2000 and 2018 ozone levels are down 6% despite rising population levels and dramatic growth in oil and gas production.

Of course, like methane, ozone is another way to attack industry, civilization, and economic prosperity. Stay tuned and be informed!


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