RGF provides US Census data showing NM spends more than neighbors on K-12 for story

The Rio Grande Foundation recently published a story noting that the latest Census data show New Mexico outspending all of our neighboring states per-student in the area of K-12 education. You can find that post which includes a link to the original Census data here.

The story was picked up by KOB Channel 4 and you can watch the full report by clicking on the image below:

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4 Replies to “RGF provides US Census data showing NM spends more than neighbors on K-12 for story”

  1. And as a Democrat controlled state, we are still at the bottom in education. Thank your local Democrat politician and Teacher Union leader.

    1. Jimmy, we have been at the bottom in education long before Democrats took control of the state. Look at the fiasco Susana Martinez created with her grading of schools and teacher evaluation system along with her Secretary of Education, Hannah Skandera and her Common Core philosophy.

      1. It is hard to see how NM performed in terms of education before Democrats took control of New Mexico. They have run this state more or less uninterrupted since the 1930s:

  2. The issue is not as much about the indoctrination centers we call schools, as it is about the NM culture at home and the breakdown of the family unit. We could double the money spent and it will have very little affect. Parents (both) need to be involved in their children’s learning instead just turning them over to government run schools (what an oxymoron – government run anything).
    The education system in New Mexico has been screwed up for decades and is nothing more than a money pit for unions leaders and administrators.

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